About us

We decided to carry out this project, driven by the idea that Italian breeders and their horses should have, like their European colleagues, more opportunities to make themselves known internationally, as the commercial phase for their horses is the engine for the breeding process in order to continue and develop.

The enthusiasm that accompanies us, despite the difficulties imposed by the pandemic emergency in progress, comes from the continuous successes collected in international competitions by horses bred, born or raised in our country.

Several friends and colleagues, in Italy and in Europe, support us: some by actively collaborating with us, others by helping us in the promotion of our initiatives and others by relying on us entrusting their jumpers to our channels. To them, in addition to our respect and esteem, also goes our gratitude.

The selection of the horses participating in the Blue Ribbon auctions and the organization of the events are carried out by combining the experience of Omar Bonomelli, entrepreneur and rider, several times representative of the Italian team and current owner of the "La Caccia" farm, an activity started by his father Giovanni, the equestrian one of Beatrice Guidi, also an international amazon and employed in top-level stables in Europe and the one of Davide Freddi, breeder, consultant in the breeding field, who for years played the role of breeding manager at “La Caccia” studfarm .

Some of the horses bred or raised with us and compete for other countries:

PSG Final (Born as Tuliman della Caccia) - Cian O’Connor (IRL)

Conte della Caccia - Martin Fuchs (SUI)

Contessina della Caccia - McLain WARD (USA)

Can Can della Caccia - Nayel NASSAR (EGY)

Castigo della Caccia - Marcel MARSCHALL (DEU)

Tucada della Caccia - Lucy DAVIS (USA)

Luis della Caccia - Arthur Gustavo DA SILVA  (SUI)

Arcalanda della Caccia - Mohamed Lamine KHEDDACHE (ALG)

Cannavaru - Dirk AHLMANN (GER)

Cantini della Caccia - Paul ESTERMANN (SUI)

Canturada della Caccia - Felix HASSMANN (GER)

Carlotta della Caccia - Beat GRANDJEAN (SUI)

Care della Caccia - Christina SCHERBAUM (GER)


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